• Legs and arms are fused to the body.
  • The massive formations on their backs are their lungs, which have grown outside of their bodies.
  • Wheezers are unable to perform any kind of physical attack.
  • However, they can kill their victims by poisoning the air.

A Wheezer is the aptly named Necromorph which has the sole purpose of exhaling toxic gas(es), poisoning the air around it.


Wheezers are formed from one human body which has been grotesquely morphed. Their lungs have been transferred onto the outside of the back so they expand to a greater capacity. When expanding and contracting, these lungs expel a toxic gas into the air which contaminates it and makes it impossible for living organisms to breathe. Their arms and legs have been fused together almost in a kneeling position, making it impossible for them to move. So how they get to different areas is unknown. They are easily identified by their shape and noises they make while "breathing."


  • It is possible that other Necromorphs carry them to their position. Or that they are not transformed into Necromorphs until they reach their selected destination.
  • They are some of the few Necromorphs that cannot physically attack themselves or move.