Hey, guys! Remember how I was on the radio two weeks ago? (I updated that blog, so check it out.) Well guess what?! I'm gonna be on the radio again this Monday, and I'm gonna be on t.v. this Thursday! :D Isn't this super special awesome again?!

Last Thursday, I was asked if I wanted to take a permanent position on-air on Mondays at my local radio station! I needed some time to think about it, so I was asked again this past Thursday, and I accepted! However, I need to get confirmation if this will be permanent.

If you're curious, I'll be on the radio at the same time as listed in my previous blog. I will also be in the audience of 7Live, a local-news-type kind of show. It's gonna be an exciting week, but I've never been on t.v. before. I'm pretty nervous. :/

Update: The meany bus driver totally passed me by this morning just a while ago (without even thinking of stopping), so I took a later shift at 12 - 2 pm Pacific time. If you wanna listen, just tune in through the website. I'll post some more of my files again sometime after I get back home. -AFN