• Resembles a Slasher but with larger talons, paler skin and thick, muscular bodies.
  • Capable of moving very quickly.
  • Twitchers use their incredible speed to rapidly approach and slash foes with sharp talons that are located on each arm.
Notable member(s):

Twitchers are Necromorphs that are physically similar to Slashers, and are the result of the infection contaminating the corpses of people who were equipped with Stasis Modules, primarily soldiers and security personnel.


Twitchers are regular Slashers that have been made from corpses with Stasis modules. However, the Stasis modules went under a catastrophic transformation which ended up reversing the effect of Stasis, making these Necromorphs faster than any other Necromorph. The result of this reverse-Stasis effect makes them impossibly fast, making them extremely hard to kill. They are called Twitchers due to their spastic motions, and they are always moving. They move at speeds that are almost impossible to follow which results in their movements and actions looking like a blur or nonexistant. Twitchers can very easily jump out of the way of attacks, which makes them that much harder to kill. They only form from corpses with Stasis, however, they do not always become Twitchers for some reason.


There are only three variants of the Twitcher.

Enhanced Twitcher

Also known as Oracle Twitchers, they are only encountered twice, but this is at the same time.

Marine Twitcher

Marine Twitchers are the most common variant of Twitchers and are encountered by anyone who boarded or was on board the USM Valor during the time of the Necromorph attack. However, there were no Necromorphs aboard the Valor until they retrieved the Escape Pod from the Ishimura, which Hammond stuck a live Slasher in. They appear in the Marine uniform they wore as humans, but with the helmet busted and their grotesque face showing. After departing the Valor, they boarded the Ishimura and spread across the ship, making it even harder to escape or to survive.

Titan Station Security Enforcement Guard Twitcher

These are Twitchers that are formed from the Titan Station Security members aboard the Sprawl.


  • The reason for the Twitchers becoming Enhanced is unknown, but could likely be a more advanced, or evolved, form of the Enhancement process.
  • Isaac does not encounter any Twitchers, which is very odd considering almost, if not all, the Security Guards had Stasis modules in their suits. However, this could be because the matrix or design of the Stasis module was modified since the USG Ishimura and USM Valor infestations.
  • The only way to reduce a Twitcher to normal speed is to place it under Stasis. The only way to get it under normal, and this is still only slightly, is to place them under Stasis while they are crawling.