Tripods DS2
  • A larger Leaper-like Necromorph form.
  • Pounces on its prey.
  • Swings at prey with its large arms.
  • Drags, impales, and strikes with its bladed tongue.

A Tripod is a large, three-legged Necromorph form that looks similar to a Leaper.


Tripods are large, hulking Necromorphs that are composed of several bodies and share some characteristics with Brutes. They use their arms as locomotion and means of attacks, but they also have a very large back leg that they use for the same means, which almost resembles that of a Leaper. They are considered mini-bosses as they rarely appear, and normally will appear in large, circular rooms. However, they will also appear in large, rectangular rooms as well. They also have a bladed tongue in their mouth, like that of the Guardian, that they also use as a means of attacking. However, this is normally a last resort type of attack used only after losing an arm. They will die after losing their arms or tongue. The tongue however is hard to hit unless under Stasis, and is not recommended for going after.


There are only two known variants of Tripods as of late, which are listed below.

Female Tripod

The Female Tripod is only encountered once, and that is in the Church of Unitology. The Female differs greatly from the Male as it has pale skin, femine features, and hair. The Female appears to be MUCH stronger than the Male, and is not to be taken lightly. It attacks Isaac by using its bladed tongue, which the pustule on it appears to be made of an infant, and tries to drag him into a position where it can decapitate him. In order to make it let go, Isaac must shoot the pustule on the tongue, which is its only weak spot. The Female uses its arms for movement, but these do not have weak spots on them. The Female appears out of no where, and after the pustule is destroyed, it retreats into the nothingness, never to be seen again. However, after it disappears the Pack attacks as well as some other Necromorphs.

Male Tripod

The Male Tripod is a pale yellow or brown color that Isaac encounters multiple times. It attacks in the same manner as a Brute and only attacks with its tongue when it looses an arm. After losing both arms or its tongue it will spasm then die. Males have two yellow weak spots on their arms about where the elbow should be, except a little higher. They are encountered in groups and have a nest in the Sprawl. The most Tripods ever encountered in one area is on the Elevator ride, in which many Tripods attack one or two at a time through the different windows.


  • Tripods are one of the very few Necromophs with different genders. This one is special however because the difference is very noticable.