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The Ubermorph
  • Only human features are its body shape; this is the most physically alien-looking Necromorph.
  • Smooth, seemingly non-necrotic flesh.
  • Can regenerate any lost limbs, including its head.
  • Slashes and impales victims with its blades.

The Ubermorph is a highly evolved Necromorph that is first seen by Isaac Clarke in the Government Sector of the Sprawl in Chapter 13 of Dead Space 2: Break-Fast. Isaac then encounters it in Chapter 14 and again in Chapter 15 of the same installment.


The Ubermorph is a large black Necromorph that does not seem to resemble any other type of Necromorph and is by far the most alien in appearance. It has two long black arms that appear to have some sort of talons or claws on the end of them that it uses for attacking. It has no lacerations on it whatsoever and, like the Hunter, can regenerate lost limbs. However, the Ubermorph seems to have a type of armor covering its entire body and thus cannot be damaged by fire. It also can deflect Javelin Spears that are shot at it, showing it has extremely hard skin and quick reflexes.

It is first seen when Isaac removes the power conduit from the power box in GovSect after being attacked by security guards. It rushes out of its confinement along with hundreds, if not thousands, of Slashers, Pregnants, Pukers, Spitters, and god knows what else. It is the slowest moving Necromorph in the bunch and is easily spotted, and seems to have a certain purpose in mind.

It first attacks after Isaac emerges from the NoonTech Diagnostic Machine, where he must then put it under Stasis so he can hack the door conduit and escape. It then chases him through the rest of the GovSect as Isaac is ambushed by countless other Necromorphs, some of which are flying.


  • The Ubermorph's origins are unknown, but it could possibly be an Enhanced Hunter.
  • The Ubermorph acts in the same ways as the Hunter, even down to sharpening its "claws."
  • The Ubermorph has no sign of damage on it anywhere, and has a faster regeneration speed than The Hunter. This could show that its regenerative powers have greatly increased.
  • Isaac can knock the Ubermorph into a wall fan with the Force Gun, "eliminating" it from the his life. It will not be seen again.
  • Isaac can also, if done stupidly enough, lock himself in a room with the Ubermorph. In which Isaac will die, no matter what.