Pack DS2
The Pack
  • Child-like appearance with long talons on each hand.
  • Slashes at prey with claws.
  • Jumps and latches onto prey, and then dismembers it once it is overwhelmed.

The Pack refers to a group of Necromorphs that attack their prey using overwhelming numbers. They are one of the three known types of Necromorphs to be created from the bodies of children.


The Pack are small child-like Necromorphs that use their long gray "fingers" to slash at their prey. They are usually found in groups as alone they are quite weak, considering one hit from melee will kill them. They are most likely made from children that are of ages 5-9 since they are still fairly small, but are not the size of the infant-like Necromorphs. They are known as the "Gangbangers" of DS:B-F since they never fight alone and must rely on their numbers to kill prey, much like that of gang members.


  • Like all Necromorphs, they obviously do not have genitalia. Since it was most likely transformed into a protective covering, and Necromorphs do not have the time for intercourse.
  • They are most known for being falcon punched by Isaac Fucking Clarke.