The Corruption
  • A mass of moist, flesh-like material.
  • Smells of vomit.
  • Habitat changer.
  • It is capable of spawning Pods in an attempt to kill anything nearby.
  • Guardians, Nests (Zero-G only), and Cysts grow on it, which will attack any living creature that passes through the affected area.

The Corruption is a formless mass of necrotic tissue that rapidly spreads across infected areas to accommodate the Necromorphs in spreading the infection.


The Corruption is a large mass of necrotic tissue that appears where ever there is a gathering of Necromorphs. It can grow on any solid substance and grows at an astonishing rate, making it almost impossible to get rid of. The Corruption acts as a performance booster for Necromorphs and whenever it is present it makes them stronger. The Corruption is able to grow Guardians as well as Cysts and Nests, which are its only forms of "attacks." Guardians' Pods are made out of the Corruption and come out of a red tube-like cannon inside the Guadian's stomach. The Corruption also slows down anything that walks on it if it is not a Necromorph.


  • The Corruption is seen "breathing" if you look at it closely. Its flesh moves up and down in a steady rhythm and is constantly going. However, this can only be noticed in some parts.
  • The Corruption sometimes spits up a green bile-like substance out of some parts of it. This could show that the Corruption must consume matter in order to grow on it. This could be some sort of process of eating and expelling waste.
  • The Corruption closely resembles The Creeper and could possibly be related to it. However, it could be possible that the Corruption is just a dormant or different form of it.