The Boss
  • Possesses four tentacles: Two to hold up the creature, and two for attacking prey.
  • Long, spiked tongue used to attack prey.
  • Glowing-orange, tumor-like growths around its body.
  • The Boss can fire sharp projectiles from its tentacles.
  • It uses its tongue to trip or slam into its prey.

The Boss is a Necromorph that is encountered by Vandal in Chapter 12 of Dead Space: Break-Fast (Mobile).


The Boss is a giant Necromorph that is suffocating the Sprawl's reactor core. Vandal is sent there on a mission to stop it so the entire Sprawl doesn't explode, it is Director Tiedemann that sent her there. The Boss has four massive tentacles that support it and allow it to hold itself up. It also has two tentacles that resemble that of a Lurker but on a much larger scale, it is still able to shoot barbs from it however. It also has a giant tongue like that of a Guardian but it, again, is much larger and it is spiked with teeth. The Boss' mouth is made up of four parts that can open and close, all of these parts are lined with teeth. The inside of its mouth is also lined with teeth which gives it some resemblence to a shark.

The Boss attacks by using its tongue, shooting barbs, and summoning Necromorphs. It has weak spots on the sides of its head (two per side) and a giant weak spot on each of the tentacles holding it up. After destroying those a weak spot will appear on its head as it grabs Vandal with its tongue and will kill her if the weak spot on its head isn't destroyed in time. Afterwards, the Boss tries to drag her down into the Core with her and it almost succeeds but Vandal manages to escape.


  • The Boss is the one of the only Necromorphs to have obvious teeth or teeth like appendages, one of the others being a Lurker with its snake-like retractable fangs.
  • The Boss was never given an official name. Thus the name you see is made by the DS:B-F community