Swarmers DS2
  • Swarmers are small, fleshy creatures.
  • These Necromorphs typically reside within Pregnants.
  • They lunge upon their foes en mass, biting unfortunate victims until they succumb to their wounds.

Swarmers are tiny Necromorphs that appear to be composed of reanimated bits of flesh.


Swarmers, otherwise known as The Swarm, are tiny bits of reanimated flesh that look an act kind of like Necromorph dinosaurs. They usually do not attack alone, relying on other Necromorphs or the act of surprise to kill prey. They attack in groups of 4-400 and will die in one hit from anything. They make tiny noises when being killed and appear to have tiny mouths. They are generally found inside Pregnants, boxes, and toilets. They are not a threat themselves but slow down their prey considerably and can do great harm in short amounts of time (if accompanied by other Swarmers or Necromorphs.) They are a pale green color, and are fairly fast for their size. They tend to rely on a flipping motion for movement.


  • Swarms can easily killed by weapons with a large effect area or splash damage. Such as: Contact Beam Alt-Fire. Pulse Rifle Alt-Fire DS2:B-F. Force Gun Primary Fire. Flamethrower Both Modes. Line Gun Alt-Fire.
  • Swarmers like to occasionally pop out of toilets and act as reanimated poop :)