Stasis Module
The Stasis Module is a small attachment that goes on a person's arm and is attached to their RIG and is used to slow objects down. It slows their movement down overall, whether thrown, moving, falling, etc., and can even slow down the effects of aging in a living subject (as seen in persons such as Isaac Clarke).


The Stasis Module is used to temporarily slow all motion of both organic and inorganic material, and functions by creating a temporal stasis field around the targeted objective. Commercially, it is used to slow down dangerous malfunctioning equipment until it can be repaired or replaced. Stasis also seems to have some medical uses, as stasis beds can be seen in the Sprawl, potentially for prolonging the lives of critically ill patients until they can be treated or slowing the flow of blood during surgery.

Stasis Energy can be monitored via an all-purpose indicator embedded in the RIG suit's armor, covering the person's right shoulder blade. It appears as a bluish half-circle to the right of person's health indicator, which drains as Stasis Energy is fired. Its energy efficiency and duration can be upgraded with Power Nodes via workbenches, just like all other equipment. To recharge Stasis, users must either use Recharge Stations scattered about the game environment, or use Stasis Packs picked up and stored in the inventory. Some RIGs even have the ability to recharge Stasis on its own over time, however this takes a while to fully recharge.

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  • Judging from its use in the Police and Soldier RIGs, it is also apparent that the Stasis Module is also used as a nonlethal weapon when apprehending dangerous criminals, freezing them temporarily so that they can be handcuffed.
  • Not all RIGs recharge Stasis, and it appears that only the newer models have the ability to do so. Why the older models cannot do so may have to do with the hardware of the Stasis module itself.