Stalker4 DS2
  • Club-like skull.
  • High pitched chirps and shrieks.
  • Flanking attack.
  • Frontal charge.
  • Slashes with claws if it is missing a leg(s).

Stalkers are Necromorphs that attack their prey by means of flanking and utilizing group tactics.


Stalkers are Necromorphs that decided to get involved with birds, and thus aren't very smart. However, they are one of the smartest Necromorphs. These bitches hide behind shit before running at you screaming "For Narnia!" and using their attack "Iron Head." The easiest way to kill them is to aim for the legs, and then kill them while they're crawling before others apporach. The easier way to do this is watch them, or use Stasis. They usually travel in packs and can coordinate ambushes that usually result in death. When knocked down, they charge in again or wait for other Necromorphs to finish their prey off.


Standard Stalkers

Enhanced Stalkers a.k.a. Enhanced Bitches

These bitches are even harder to see since they're black, but they have 4 glowing red eyes. They are stronger and must be dealt with severely.


  • Stalkers use each other as distractions and sacrifices in order to ambush prey. They are very smart except when they attack head-on. Head-on, apply directly to the forehead.