• Has large bladed arms, while retaining host's original arms.
  • Large, mutated jaw.
  • Damaging spitting attack.
  • Melees victims with its powerful blades.
  • Grabs its prey and kills it with decapitation.

Spitters are Necromorphs that are capable of spitting acidic projectiles at their foes.


Spitters are the female version of Slashers and in return have some femine features. They have breasts and more femini figure, and also get to keep some of their hair. They have mouths that look somewhat like small volcanos, and are able to shoot acidic projectiles from it like that of the Puker. Spitters are a nuisance as they are a combination of Slashers and Pukers and therefore are very skilled in both ranged and close quarters combat. They use the acidic spit to attack from a distance and rely on their blades to attack up close, making for a very deadly combination.


  • Due to the fact that Spitters hold their torsos open with their hands, and are of the female gender, they obviously like to "strut their stuff."
  • Spitters are one of the few Necromorphs with hair and gender related features.