Type: Video
Characters: Kendra Daniels, Zach Hammond, Isaac Clarke
Chapter: 1
Can be found: Acquired after escaping the Necromorphs in the Flight Lounge.

  • Kendra: Isaac?! Isaac! God, I can't believe he made it...
  • Hammond: Isaac, heh... We ran into more of them on the way over here. Are you okay?
  • Isaac: I'm fine--
  • Kendra: More WHAT?! What the hell are those things? Is that the CREW?!
  • Hammond: Keep your voice down! Whatever they are, they're not friendly! And half the doors on this ship are locked because of the quarantine. Now we have to get to the Bridge, but first, we got to repair the tram system.
  • Kendra: You're crazy, Hammond! You're going to get us all killed!
  • Hammond: If you listen to me, I WILL get you out of here alive. Now what's wrong with the tram?
  • (Diagnosing the problem with the tram, Kendra walks away and sighs, lets out another sigh of frustration, and announces her findings.)
  • Kendra: The data board's fried, but there should be a spare in the Maintenance Bay. There's also a broken tram blocking the tunnel that needs to be repaired. Dammit! Everything is on the other side of this quarantine. We can't reach it from here.
  • Hammond: No we can't...but you can. Isaac, if I can get to the Bridge, I should be able to access the personnel files. You fix the tram, and I'll help you find Nicole.
  • Isaac: Okay. I'm on my way now... Hammond, Chen didn't make it.
  • Hammond: We know, Isaac. You did what you could.
  • Isaac: Yeah... Maybe... Clarke out.