Nest DS2
  • Large, retracting tentacle with three bulbous-like sacs.
  • Fires small, exploding, homing projectiles from its sacs.

A Nest is a Necromorph that takes the appearance of a tentacle with three glowing pustules that are similar to that of an Exploder.


Nests are Necromorphs that appear in Zero-G areas due to the fact that they would be unable to move in areas with gravity due to their large mass and weight. They stay enclosed in a shell-like structure made up of their skin that they stay in if prey is too close or too far away. When the prey is in range the Nest comes out and beings laucnhing pods at it (possibly heat-seeking.) The Nest have three arms with large, glowing pustules on them that explode when shot at. When all three pustules have been destroyed the Nest dies.


  • Shooting a Nest with Stasis will not do much, but shooting the Seekers with Stasis slows them down and gives you more time to destroy them or get out of the way.
  • Nests tend to drop semiconducters or other valuable items.
  • All the Nests seem to be made from female bodies, making them one of the few with a "gender." Also, it happens to be one of the very few females.