The Necromorphs are not as mean as people say they are.


Necromorphs are dead human bodies who have went under a stage of deconstruction and reconstruction due to a certain type of virus or bacteria (known as the Necromorph pathogen) or by influence of a Marker. Their only objective is to kill all uninfected organisms. However, there is a story behind this.

While Necromorphs appear to be very hostile and unfriendly, there is a reason behind this. Necromorphs just want to create more of their kind so they have friends. And since they do not speak a human language, creating more Necromorphs is the only way for them to do so. Some Necromorphs, such as the Pregnant, Slasher, and Twitcher, only want to give hugs. However, due to their bladed arms, it can look like they're trying to impale you.


  • Necromorphs are like Legos in the sense that they can be deconstructed and reconstructed from their original forms into bigger, different forms.