Infector DS2
  • Bat-like appearance, with a retractable proboscis that injects the Necromorph contagion.
  • Infectors use the talons on their wings to slash prey.
  • Slash at prey with their proboscis.
  • They can impale victims through the forehead with their proboscis.
Notable member(s):

Infectors are Necromorphs that act as the fastest vector for the contagion, only attacking or defending when they cannot find any hosts to infect.


Infectors are bat-like Necromorphs that have a pale yellow skin and move around looking for dead bodies to infect. While they have wings they are not known to be able to fly very well, and are seen most of the time "hovering" above the ground. They are the second Necromorph ever recorded to be encountered, the first being the Wheezer. They do not really fly in the games but are shown to fly in the comics and films.


Standard Infector

Regular guys just trying to create more Necromorph friends to play with.

Enhanced Infector

Enhanced Infectors are like regular ones but with black skin. The major difference is that the Enhanced version makes Enhanced Slashers more often then standard Slashers


  • If an Infector contaminates a dead body with no arms it will create a Slasher that dies almost instantaneously.
  • How there was a Wheezer before an Infector is unknown. But the most likely cause was the Marker's influence as it came from the water and the Marker was underwater.