• Flailing entrails that emerge from a cavity in the host's stomach.
  • Immature Guardians use their host's intestines to whip at approaching threats.
  • Mature Guardians use the mutated intestines of their host's body as piercing weapons, decapitating anyone who gets too close.
  • They are able to constantly produce Pods which have the ability to fire projectiles.
  • Possesses an extremely long, thick, spear-headed tongue that it will use to slash at its prey if it gets too close.

Guardians are wall-mounted Necromorphs that protect significant areas with their very presence.


Guardians are Necromorphs, unlike any other variant of their species (excluding Wheezers and Cysts), that completely lack mobility. They are anchored onto walls, their flesh fused together with the Corruption. As a consequence, they cannot actively hunt for prey. However, they will instantly kill anything that comes nearby, striking the victim with a lethal scythe-tipped appendage, made from the host's tongue and intestines.


Immature Guardian

Immature Guardians are only encountered in Dead Space: Break-Fast and still maintain most of their human form. They lack the lethality that Mature Guardians have but are still capable of killing prey. After being killed, they can be removed or "popped" off the Corruption using Kinesis. They are cut off at the hip and instead of having legs have their intestines dropping down. Like Guardians however, they lack the ability to move.

Mature Guardian

Aside from their tongue-like appendage, they also have a tube-like cannon inside their stomach that allows them to shoot out pod-like Lurkers that only have one tentacle and lack mobility. Guardians have 8 tentacles that come out from their stomach and attack to the wall. When all these are severed, the Guardian and any pods it has shot out die.


  • A Guardian's moan can be heard before it is seen, this is most likely its way of drawing in prey.
  • In DS you encounter two Guardians side-by-side, which is totally unfair and bullshit.