Exploder DS2
  • Legs fused together in a fleshy mass, right arm elongated, and their bodies radically twisted and emaciated.
  • Large pustule-sac located on the left arm.
  • Has a split head.
  • Exploders will try to smash their targets at close range with the explosive sacs on their arms.
  • They will attempt to "bite" foes using the open flaps on their heads if the explosive pustules are detached from their bodies.

Exploders are Necromorphs that act as suicide bombers, much like Crawlers. Their most prominent feature is the large, glowing pustule attached to their left arm, which is filled with a highly explosive chemical substance.


Exploders are one of the least lethal Necromorphs encountered, since it is only lethal at close range. They are fairly slow moving and use their giant pustules as suicide bombs when attacking. If a pustule is ruptured by an object thrown by Kinesis or shot at it will explode. If the pustule is severed from the body, it will then be able to move slightly faster will attempt to bite their prey. If a pustule is severed it can be picked up with Kinesis and used as a bomb that will kill most Necromorphs in one hit, and can be used to take out clusters of Necromorphs.


Standard Exploder

Run-of-the-mill Exploders, just looking for a good time.

Enhanced Exploder

They have an enhanced version that only appears in the mobile version of Dead Space.


  • When in range Exploders will swing the pustule at their prey, but the pustule will still detonate most of the time even if they miss.
  • They are the first Necromorph to appear in the trailer for Dead Space 2: Break-Fast.