Divider2 DS2
  • Dividers are a combination of five appendages which form a tall, gaunt figure.
  • Dividers use their claws to slash prey.
  • They can choke and eventually decapitate their victims with a long, tongue-like appendage.
  • They can split apart into smaller, individual Necromorphs that are composed of miscellaneous body parts.

A Divider is a Necromorph that is tall and thin, and appears to be made from a partially-to-completely limbless corpse with reanimated limbs replacing its missing body parts.


Dividers are Necromorphs that do not have bodies of their own. In replacement of having no body they steal limbs from other things and use them to form a body of their own. After killing it it will disperse into the separate limbs which then attack the prey, seeming to having a mind of their own. The most lethal of all of these limbs is the head, which can decapitate and overtake the prey's body. If you decapitate the head without killing the body, the body doesn't die. Instead, both the body and the head are now separate enemies. It shares some characteristics with the Horder. They are like mini-bosses as they do not appear often. They are ecnountered a few tiems in DS but are rarely encountered in DS2.


  • Dividers are only encountered twice in DS2, but are only guranteed to be encountered once.
  • Dividers are rarely encountered as whole, but their limbs are common to encounter.
  • Divider limbs can spawn on their own but are sometimes countained inside a box or a Pregnant's stomach.
  • They usually drop items with a good value. Anything from Medium Med Packs, to Semiconducters, to Power Nodes.
  • If you sever the head without killing the body and the head takes over your body, the old body will follow you around.