Crawler DS2
  • Reanimated babies with explosive sacs in their stomachs.
  • Self-detonation.

Crawlers are one of two Necromorphs formed from infant corpses, the other being the Lurker.


Crawlers are babies that have been transformed into Necromorphs. They first appear in the Titan Elementary School in DS2. They have explosive pustules on their back just like Exploders have on their arms. They are rarely encountered alone and thus usually come in packs. They can crawl on walls like Lurkers can but can also use vents to enter a room.


Standard Crawler

Regular guys just trying to crawl their way through life.

Enhanced Crawler

Crawlers on steriods, they just want to have a booming good time!


  • Crawlers are seen to be wearing a red and white bracelet on their wrist, which shows that they were most likely in some sort of medicial facility when they were killed.
  • Crawlers heads have been turned upside down, probably to have a more intimidating look.
  • Crawlers can be killed on one hit with most Kinesis objects, and can be used as explosives if you sever the head without detonating them.
  • Crawlers have an Enhanced Version that appear in DS2: B-F: HSATM